Are you still thinking of how to select the right motor oil for your car engine?  This article will guide you on how to select your desired oil.

Selecting an efficient motor oil for your vehicle can be very confusing but by checking the motor oil weight suggested by manufacturer through the owner manual. The weight of oil can be decided based on the car temperature. You can choose the specified motor oil brand by checking the sign that the oil is been tested and meets the standard of American petroleum institution.

Another characteristic to be checked is the latest service standard known as SL which is APL’S new version. SL is a group of laboratory tests and the new series for high temperature control.

Another step is to select the thickness that suits the temperature of operation of the vehicle.

On every container of dependable motor oil, there are the labels found. The APL sign on the right shows that the oil meets the present SL service rate. It also shows the thickness number and indicates if the oil has passed the energy preservation test. The star symbol on the left, gives signal that the oil has approved the test required for SL service.

In addition to this, regular changing of oil is one of the most important maintenance for vehicles. Anybody can change car oil. Sometimes it looks very easy to change oil from a car, there are still a lot of people doing it wrong, making it a dirty job or paying high for something they can do themselves.

In order to change the oil in your car, you will get maintenance equipment such as high quality of oil filter, socket wrench, oil filter wrench, funnel, oil pan or bucket and other necessary equipment. Before draining your motor oil, make sure you take a quick drive around or you start the vehicle and allow it to run for a while.

This will help to warm up the motor oil in order to allow the oil drain out smoothly. You can also ensure that you are in a safe environment while carrying out changing of oil. A garage or drive way that has a leveled ground can be considered.

In order to change your car oil, you can follow the steps below:

  • Locate the oil pan and drain plug under the vehicle.
  • If there is no space under the car its better you jack the vehicle up
  • Ensure that you don’t get beneath a car supported with a jack only.
  • Try to always use a jack stand.
  • Locate the drain plug then spread the newspaper.
  • You can also place the oil pan under.
  • Loose the drain plug with socket trench.
  • After loosening, remove the plug and let the old motor oil drain out.
  • Replace the filter by loosening the old oil filter with the filter wrench.
  • Remove it by hand and install the new oil filter.

You can now fill the engine with the new motor oil. Make sure you check the owner manual to know the right motor oil to be used.